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Oh My God Sun!!
Even if here I don't have many entries, I want you to tell me what do you think. I'll use spanish and english so bear with my spell and grammar mistakes.

Also if you want k-pop and j-pop downloads you have to visit my blog at http://uchihahikari.blogspot.com. There I'll upload videos and music. It's something I decided to do today

Why not (MEME)
This is not like a writers block entry, this was inspired by [info]still-doll-15

Her fic, '10 ways' is amazing I just love it.
The entry says I need to tag some people, but I don't want to do it now ¬¬

so the golden rule is to write 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you, here I am:

1. This is my first time doing stuff  like this, but I'm in the mood... so that's why.

2. I'm from mexico but a lot of people always ask me if I have asian blood just because of my looks, they even give me nicknames (behind my back, but the all mighty me have discovered them) like pucca.

3. I start singing even before I could speak. That was funny and I have recordings to prove it. I really want to be a singer someday, not just like an idol but maybe in a musical or opera.

4. I start reading fan fiction because of a high school friend, but I start reading slash fics and my first NC-17 because of the best band ever...cofftvxqcoff.

5. I think my english is good, my classmates frequently tell me that, but when I speak with a foreign person sometimes I forget everything. Also my pronunciation is ok, but because some words are similar in spanish I always make typo mistakes.

6. I have 3 months studying Korean with a friend living in my city, and also I'm teaching him spanish. I've been studying japanese for about 2 years but my level is still basic ¬¬.

7. I don't have boyfriend and I'm happy about that. I've never dated in my life nor given a proper kiss, I refuse to accept my first kiss was actually one because it has to be an agreement TToTT

8. I spend to much time in front of a computer, and my parents are always telling me to turn it off. But there's nothing I can do, even my grades are good or even excellent so who cares if I enjoy my time here.

9. My past 3 birthday gifts have being all TVXQ's stuff.

10. I'm a super fan of The Lord of the Rings and all the J.R.R. Tolkien's books. I've watched the movie more that 30 times and if it wasn't for my love for TVXQ I suppose I still would be spending my time trying to learn Elf.

11. My passion for the asian actors and dramas began when I started watching Prince of tennis <Tennis no Oujisama> live action and musicals. I was a Shirota Yuu lover for more than a year xD... now Kim Junsu won that place for more than 4 years.

12. Also I can add other off my addictions: Twitter!! I just totally fancy that site, and with JYJ now on it, I just can't stop.

13. I swam for about 10 years, but when I turned 15 I decided to quit. I love to swim but I didn't have time with school and later with my chinese class. Actually right now i want to start practicing again but don't have free time.

14. A total social drinker, I don't smoke but if I find Black Stones (watch Nana's anime to know about that) I'd probably do it, not all the time but I'd do it.

15. I don't like coke and I haven't drunk it for more that 3 years. All because in the past I drank it but now I know how bad it is.

16. I'm the only daughter in my family and also I'm the middle with just an oppa and a doenseng xD. For 17 years I was also the only gran daughter in my mother's side. Maybe that's why I always hang out with men, I mean I have girl friends but I had problems with a couple of my supposed to be friends so I just feel comfortable around guys.

17. I want to be a translator and interpreter. So I'm studying Foreign languages.

18. My room is too messy for my like but there's nothing I can do because every now and then I clean it, but 3 days afters will be the same ¬¬.

19. I'm in a fansub group (KuroiHimes) but for about a year I haven't done a single translation for them.        Sorry :(

20. Also I'm in a fandub group called KuroiNatsume, we sing spanish covers of kpop and jpop but mostly is TVXQ!! My favorite songs with them are Proud and snow flower


21. I 'eat' Herbalife products that's why I always try to eat healthy food, also I've lost 10 kg. I'm proud of that because now I'm a distributor of that brand. And also with that money I buy TVXQ CDs and DVDs.

22. Don't know anything more to say. So I'll write about my dog. It's name is UMI, yeah Sea in japanese and its a minnie schnauzer. I just love it. I'm going to talk like its a She. Shw got lost for a whole week and I cried a river but found her. I think that's why our love is mutual.

23. I want to start a magazine in Mexico who just talks about asia, and mostly about the hallyu wave. The bad part is I don't know how to do it.

24. I hope all I wrote makes sense and doesn't have to many mistakes kkkkkkkkkk

25. The last is in spanish. AMO A TVXQ !!!!!

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Just a random entry
It's been a long time since I post something here, maybe because of my new fear of writing english. kkkkk I have a lot of grammar mistakes and even If I realized after I write them, sometimes they just keep showing.

Well, today I feel like writing about my stuff,  I know I don't have to many friends in LJ mostly because I just read fics and if they are good for my taste just leave a comment on them. But I just feel the need to do it now. Write about music, and what i want to do in the short future, because without doubts I have too many goals to achieve.

Music, like my english teacher used to say in class about english, I just need to change it to music: I love music, I love my music skills and faults, music is my life. ♥

I couldn't live without music, even if I don't record it anymore because as the time goes by I've become more critic with my performance. That's the result of my singing class TToTT but is ok, I know some day I will be a great artist full of skills, and if this sounds bad I can't do anything but I love my voice hahahahaha.

such a random entry but I'm happy writing about it.

At the same time I'm just confused with new things in my life, because I feel like in a couple of months I might be in other country, just speaking english and learning other language. I really want that country to be japan or korea but I'm not sure If I'd be lucky enough for that to happen. Also it's going to be hard at the beginning, living on my own earning money, suffering about food, clothing I don't know.

The thing is, I don't want to suffer about love there, I've been talking about that issue with my dad because he can imagine something to happen, because of all the things I'd face... Oh my head is a mess.

I just feel like singing again LOL
Writing some lyrics that maybe won't have a melody
but there's nothing I can do about it....

Holding your hand in my dreams
tasting your lips when I wake up,
every morning without doubts
sure about the great love i have for you.

Sighing without mercy
every minute after you left me
just being a victim of the time
waiting for you even if it's an empty promise.

Come with me again, don't leave me anymore
hug me tenderly like just you know,
let me be your muse, in the same way you're mine.
in the same way you're mine.

Oh, my sweet love
forget about your problems
let me stroke your hair
like I remember you always did with me.

All I can't think about in this moment
is you. Your eyes, your lips, your body
all the feelings I can share with you,
every night and all the day.

Come with me again, don't leave me anymore
hug me tenderly like just you know how,
let me be your muse, in the same way you're mine.
in the same way you're mine.

Maybe a total fail, but it just popped out of my head.
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Internet rambling
Oh God, I'm using too much Twitter and Facebook nowaday?? Is just a hobby when I turn on my laptop.
Firstly I launch Mozilla, I'm being using it since at the beginning IE didn't have cool functions, secondly I check my email, even when there are lots of chains and/or spam, I delet mostly all of them. Later I read information about my lovely DBSK/TVXQ or just the Jae, Su, Chun, Ho and Min... I know is cruel for a fan talk about them but is true now they talk about their individual projects.

Next at the same time I open my current fanfic I've being reading, I open twitter cuz I follow all the super junior members, Yubin of WG, and a few other asian VIP.

When I have time I open youtube and watch some interesting videos, but if not I just go to facebook and read about my friends activities or I do other facebook's stuff.

What do you do when you are using the Net???

Deeply Sorry
Title: Deeply Sorry
Lenght: One Shot
Pairing: Yoosu
Rating: PG
Genre:Drama, Angst
Summary: Yoochun always felt he wasn't worth of Junsu's love, until he realized the love of his life chose another pat, far away of him. The 'good' part is Yoochun is not going to let him go alone.

Woow this was my first proper fic in english, even if I always imaging lots of plots I hadn't found the words to express them... that or my english redaction still sucks
whatever, I just hope someone enjoy the story because I know like me there are many fans who love angst. So comment please. that's always the motivation for a new writer.

Deeply SorryCollapse )
Thanks for reading, now don't forget to comment. You know that is going to help me improve, because I know it wasn't the best fic I can wrote....

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Talento para escribir? No se pero necesitaba escribirlo: No.1

Esto mas que nada es algo que me nació cuando volvi a ver videos de los chicos mas lindos de asia... en 2 dias que no tuve internet, si les apetece solo lean.

están ahora?

Puede que esa sea la pregunta que todas las fans estamos pensando desde hace mas de medio año, la verdad no recuerdo esa fatídica fecha donde parte de mis sueños se rompieron. No quiero que suceda todo lo que dicen por ahí, no quiero aceptar que tan buenos chicos, tan buenos hermanos, tan buenos seres humanos dejen la tierra para volver al anonimato del cielo.


Se que son estrellas del firmamento, pero nada puede quedar de esa manera.


Todo lo que me han dado a través de varios años queriéndolos, apoyándolos y amándolos sin fin, no puede terminar, de hecho no lo hará pase lo que pase. Sin embargo fui madurando en esta difícil adolescencia con un poco de ilusiones gracias a ustedes; le regalaron a esta soñadora un mar de pensamientos positivos propios de la edad, la calma que brindaron a un corazón apabullado de complicaciones, una melodía que parecía calmante para un dolor de muerte.


Parece tontería todo lo que alguien puede escribir por un ser que esta tan lejano a uno, pero parece que, la vida los puso en mi sendero, de una u otra forma, para iluminar ese camino por el cual transcurro día a día. Paso a paso con todo lo que pudieron transmitir.


Trabajo duro y hermandad puede que sea lo que todos piensan ustedes brindaron, para mi es una pasión desbordante, como cascada que no puede detenerse en ningún momento, por eso quedo aun tranquila ya que como cascada que son ustedes, la fuerza de sus corazones sigue ahí, no se ha detenido ni lo hará por mucho tiempo mas, no hay fuerza humana que detenga ese avance que debe seguir su curso natural.


El amor que una fan puede tener para nada es efímero, muchos piensan que si, pero una seguidora verdadera que los apoya aunque estén tan lejos, aunque no haya tenido la oportunidad hasta ahora de verlos de cerca, de sentir sus emociones fuera de una pantalla de computador o televisor, también es muy grande pues el conformismo no ha llegado a este corazón, aun espera ansioso ese momento tan mágico donde una alegría se convertirá en miles.


Gracias por todo lo enseñado, por mostrar que una canción es mas que partituras y voces angelicales, son mas que bailes y sudor cayendo, son mas que un suspiro y un corazón palpitante.


Por la fuerza de un Dios que los hizo salir adelante, vencer dificultades y acompañar mi porvenir, confío plena y llena de esperanzas que ustedes pensaran en lo mejor para sus vidas, sentirán ese amor que les mando desde tan lejos para hacerlos entender que pase lo que pase, y aunque sus amantes secretas suframos sin misericordia, todo estará bien.


Todo estará bien.

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♥I like both, but....jujuuju ♂
When G-dragon released his solo album this august I was shocked about his new look, but suddenly I remember something rare abut this.

And today I Found this feeling was just my freaked memory....

Is about the Lee Jun ki Style (LOL) in his album J-Style, you want to know why I think that??

Well, check it!Collapse )


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