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Deeply Sorry
Title: Deeply Sorry
Lenght: One Shot
Pairing: Yoosu
Rating: PG
Genre:Drama, Angst
Summary: Yoochun always felt he wasn't worth of Junsu's love, until he realized the love of his life chose another pat, far away of him. The 'good' part is Yoochun is not going to let him go alone.

Woow this was my first proper fic in english, even if I always imaging lots of plots I hadn't found the words to express them... that or my english redaction still sucks
whatever, I just hope someone enjoy the story because I know like me there are many fans who love angst. So comment please. that's always the motivation for a new writer.


We spent almost a whole life facing each other until you realized we were in love.
Pretty amusing right?
From the day I confessed to you our live began to create walls of iron and each step was harder than the previously accomplishment.
I felt we were walking in circles even if you were stronger enough to hold my hand and reassure your love with a smile, the most breathtaking smile. But my dumb pride split our destiny and you were selfless enough to wait at my door and ask for an unnecessary apology.

I cried that day.

When I remember I still cry because unlike me, you gave me everything you could, that single night you gave your body to me without a doubt, cloth by cloth you stripped yourself shyly with a blush at your face and your body was shivering due to a fully in love heart.
I loved that day because with each thrust at your beautiful body a new bond was made. Even tough, I'd ruined everything again.

When I take note of all the stupid actions of my mind, I remember the exactly day when we talked about my feelings and thoughts, yes always me.

I talked to you about how low I felt when I was with you, even if I always felt love at the same time... Is just, you were the best young entrepreneur of the city and all people know it was because of your own hard work and not your parent's support.

That would be fine if I wasn't jobless. That's why I always frown when you asked me out on a date, when we walked in the darknest places to be able to hold your silky hand, I felt you were always growing bigger letting me behind your shadow. Such an envious boyfriend.

But I'm sure of something Junsu, I love you with all my heart and soul, and when I hugged you from behind at your place after a romantic night with the total surrender of your body, I left muffled tears scaped my eyes, because it was not fair with you all this doubts and fears.

You taugh me how to pry but I never found it necessary in my life, I mean, I had you and that's all that mattered; but today I started. Not sure if I was doing it right, I spent 2 hours talking to the air, the universal power, you said.

I realized I was been I selfish bastard, but thanks to that short two hours I felt I can go with you now.

Turn into a sparkling star and forget all our problems... even if you already forgot all about me.

I kneel in this white stone with a name on it, later I let my body relax and lie at your grave, close my eyes  and follow you to a new amazing experience just the two of us.

Saranhaeyo Junsu-yah.

Thanks for reading, now don't forget to comment. You know that is going to help me improve, because I know it wasn't the best fic I can wrote....

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it's pure of Chun's love and sad tough... in every line of this short story (letter).
i like to read it,, but if u don't mind can u make the whole story?

i want to know why Chun can be doubt Su and why Su 'gone' at the end..

thanks for posting.. ^^

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