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Internet rambling
Oh God, I'm using too much Twitter and Facebook nowaday?? Is just a hobby when I turn on my laptop.
Firstly I launch Mozilla, I'm being using it since at the beginning IE didn't have cool functions, secondly I check my email, even when there are lots of chains and/or spam, I delet mostly all of them. Later I read information about my lovely DBSK/TVXQ or just the Jae, Su, Chun, Ho and Min... I know is cruel for a fan talk about them but is true now they talk about their individual projects.

Next at the same time I open my current fanfic I've being reading, I open twitter cuz I follow all the super junior members, Yubin of WG, and a few other asian VIP.

When I have time I open youtube and watch some interesting videos, but if not I just go to facebook and read about my friends activities or I do other facebook's stuff.

What do you do when you are using the Net???


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